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Reflective Wheel Decals

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More than aesthetic look this Reflective Wheel Decal can improve visibility when driving at night or if with poor visibility conditions. Plus, it will really attract everyones attention and make your car look great. It is highly recommended to use degreasing cleaning agent, clear the surface of application before sticking the decals. Once applied correctly it will not come off easily.

It can be removed without leaving any marks, dirt or damage. When driving at night or in poor visibility, it'll be much more safety. and it makes your cycle have a nice look, more attractive.

Fine workmanship and waterproof
Long lasting and non-fading color
Good adhessive quality, does not fall easily

Fits most bike, motorcycle, car wheels with dimension of 14, 17 or 18 inches
Each strip is approx. 8"/14.6" in length & 0.3" in width
Material: PVC

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